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  • ERFC issued a press release in Greek language regarding the YESS project. YESS (Young entrepreneurship Startup School) aims at creating the first Cross-Border (CB) incubator within the Regions of Apulia, Achaia, Ionian Islands and Epirus. The overall objective of the project is the promotion of the entrepreneurial spirit and the incubation of new companies, encouraging the economic development of the regions involved and the exchange of knowledge and competences between partners and stakeholders.

    The specific objective consists in the creation and the development of a CB incubator for innovative start-ups in the fields of: tourism, design, blue growth and e-health. The incubator will provide most of its services both through a physical and a virtual environment, which will foster new business ideas, encouraging the co-design and cooperation within students, researchers, startuppers and entrepreneurs, maximizing the benefits of the Web 2.0 technologies and using an open access innovation approach. With this goal, a heterogeneous and complementary partner consortium has been created by involving a university specialized in technology and management (LP), a research centre specialized in vocational and high professional training (P2), an association of enterprises (P3), an NGO, member of AI-BAN, representing citizens (P5) and a university specialized in business (P4). The project proposal grounds its roots in the theories of social capital and wants to maximize the potential of social networking, identifying it as a flywheel of entrepreneurial success.

    YESS Press Release in Greek

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